About Us

Caroline’s Real Bread Company is a small bakery in Merthyr Cynog near Brecon in Mid/South Wales. It has two partners Nigel Devlin and Caroline Frampton, Caroline being the baker and Nigel being the man who sells the bread and does the accounts.

Its products are sold through farmer’s markets food festivals, local organic box schemes and other outlets but it also supplies restaurants specialist cafés, outside caterers and one off events.

Caroline Frampton – potted history

Caroline started her food career in Harrow, North London but it was not until she moved to Brecon in Mid Wales in 1992 that the idea of making bread surfaced. “Both Nigel and I were growing ever concerned at the quality of bread available locally”. “It was either supermarket sandwich bread or the white or brown ‘crusty cobs’ available from the local baker”

From her first appearance at Brecon Framers Market in 2002, things have moved on. She demanded and got a purpose built bakery in 2005 and from that won gold in the Welsh True Taste Awards in 2006. Since then she has appeared on television, in Country Living, Woman and Home and Delicious magazines. In 2008 she won a Woman of Achievement Award.

Caroline is keen to share her expertise and experience to others who like herself, want to contribute to a better, more sustainable future for herself and her children.

Food production in general

It’s a fact of life now that most of the food sold in supermarkets is produced on an industrial scale. Whether its staple foods like bread and milk or the vast array of ready meals that fill the shelves, many manufacturers are only interested in sourcing the cheapest ingredients and turning out the largest profit.

For most of us that means we are increasingly being offered food that has to be bulked up with fillers and emulsifiers, made to last weeks on the shelf and in the fridge and produced and transported with little or no concern for the environment or others.

Our principles

We do not accept or share these ideals. We are a typical family business. What we produce and don’t sell, we feed to our children, our animals and when it’s too stale to make into other things – our chickens.

As a family, we try to eat organic food whenever possible, we don’t do MacDonald’s, Tesco or any of the major international food retailers, but we do use supermarkets for everyday items. We prefer to barter at the local farmers market for fresh food and most of our meat and vegetables is sourced locally. We live in the real world but passionately believe in trying to do the right thing. This is especially true when it comes to making and selling our bread.

Our business is about producing products that meet the needs of those small but growing numbers of customers who demand only the finest quality foods. Food that is fresh as possible, unique in flavour, made with care and above all free of all unnecessary additives including pesticides, preservatives, GM, and bulking agents like emulsifiers and fats.