Commercial & Special Occasion Breads

We make over 30 varieties of bread and specialise in wheat free and yeast free products. Talk to us and we can adapt many of the recipes to help you with any particular food allergy or intolerance you may have. There’s normally a minimum order of four loaves but because our products are really fresh, they can frozen and enjoyed at a later date.

We love doing breads for one-off events such as weddings, anniversaries, in fact any event where you need bread made to your exact specification.

We have an online ordering service for our typical breads. however if you would like a different range/sizes of breads we’re happy to provide these. You can mail us through the website or ring us direct.

We are developing a range of breads using the part bake method allowing you to finish the product off in your own home at your convenience. So please keep in touch via our website.