A plain white bread using organic flour, sunflower oil, salt and a little yeast


Using the finest stone ground organic wholemeal flour


Malted wheat flakes in a stone ground whole meal flour

Leek & Caerphilly

Trethowan Dairy award winning Caerphilly cheese, fresh leeks in a white and wholemeal flour combination – winner in the True Taste Awards

Herb & Garlic

Freshly chopped garlic, dried herbs in Ciabatta flour – soft baked with all the taste none of the fat.

Seeded Breads

White with Pumpkin seeds

Organic white flour with a generous helping of organic pumpkin seeds

Sunflower & Honey

Locally sourced honey with organic sunflower seeds – not sweet but the taste and the goodness of the honey combines well with the sunflower seeds.

Sunflower & Sesame Seeds

Organic sunflower and Sesame seeds provide tasty nutty flavours in a healthy mix.

Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds – good for the heart of high in Oestrogen – and its seeds are really tasty.

Malted wheat & Linseed

Not just for cricket bats, linseed is in our bread is fantastic for lubrication of joints and tendons.

Seven Seeds

A granary flour with seven kinds of organic seeds makes a really nutty/seeds bread.

Mediterranean Breads

Sundried Tomato, Garlic & Rosemary

Organic sundried tomatoes, fresh garlic, rosemary – a combination of tastes that make for a really full on taste- fantastic with strong flavours like curries, red meats etc.

Apricot & Walnut

Chopped apricots, freshly chopped walnuts – a great combination for cheeses or anything exotic.

Focaccia – Sundried Tomato & Basil

Italian flat bread made with organic sundried tomatoes. Basil and drenched with extra virgin olive oil – fantastic with pasta and warmed in the oven.

Focaccia – Garlic & Parmesan

Italian flat bread with freshly chopped garlic sprinkled with Parmesan and drenched with extra virgin olive oil. A cornucopia of tastes that ignite when warmed in the oven

Focaccia – Black Olive & Thyme

Italian flat bread with generous helpings of organic black olives drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of Thyme. Great with cheeses and chutneys

Focaccia – Pinenut & pesto

Italian flat bread with a generous helping of pinenuts, a layer of pesto and drenched in extra virgin olive oil – fantastic flavours with goodness built in.

Focaccia – Red onion cheese and chives

Italian flat bread – freshly chopped red onions, mature cheddar, fresh chives and all with extra virgin olive oil drizzled over the top. Fantastic flavours, ideal for the barbeque.

Focaccia – Mediterrean Medley

Italian flat bread, organic sundried tomatoes, marinated cheese, organic black olives, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil – a full on bread for all types of Italian food.


Organic Italian flour, extra virgin olive oil baked softly and gently – ideal as it is or toasted down to a bruchetta or whatever takes your fancy.

Black Olive Ciabatta

As above but with a generous helping of organic black olives

Speciality Breads

Savoury Walnut

Chopped walnuts, freshly chopped red onions – a great combination with a 50/50 mix of white and whole meal flours makes for a great tasting bread – ideal accompaniment for cheeses and chutneys

Fennel & Raisin Ring

Go on – be different! The freshness of fennel and the sweetness of organic raisins combine to make fantastically tasty bread

Cranberry & Rosemary

Carrying on with the combination of sweet and savoury, Cranberries provide the sweet goodness while the rosemary provides the savoury balance. Great with many foods but especially soft cheeses

Rye with Pumpkin Seeds

100% organic dark rye flour with pumpkin seeds for added flavor. Bread does not get much darker or denser than this.

Californian Sourdough

From our unique sourdough starter comes a gentle but flavour some sourdough for all those that need tasty yeast free bread or even for those who just enjoy the taste.

New York Rye

A 30/70 Rye/White flour bread with caraway seeds. Our award winning bread combines great flavours in a product with American/Jewish roots.

Irish Soda Bread

Take Irish soda flour, add organic yoghurt, a little know how and you have the most authentic Wheaten Bread you can buy. Full of earthy taste and ideal for stews, cawl or just on its own with butter.

Roman Spelt

100% organic dark whole meal spelt flour is the old Roman or ancient bread. Baked simply, our spelt bread is lower in gluten, last twice as long as normal organic breads and is really tasty. If you want to eat the purest and an ancient form of wheat, this is for you.


Our organic Khorasan or Kamut flour is sometimes referred to as the Pharaoh’s bread. From a region in Iran, this bread is high in protein and natural phosphates and like Spelt is one of the oldest forms of wheat flour.

Wheat Free

Using our own recipe, our organic wheatfree bread is made with four kinds of non wheat flours, eggs for binding and if you want, we can add a range of other ingredients to make it even more palatable.


A large teacake made to our very own recipe and a taste that leaves all others behind.